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St. Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) has long been recognized as one of the glories of the Franciscan family, celebrated for her holiness, her Franciscan spirit of poverty and her work with the poor, both as a wife and mother and later as a religious. But the true details of her life remain far too little known.

Our 1 hour, 45 minute documentary, A Woman for Our Time: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, chronicles the celebration of the eighth centenary of Elizabeth’s birth in 2006-2008, while also telling the story of her life through art works, historical re-enactments, narration and interviews with historians and Franciscans. It includes comments and reminiscences of those who love Elizabeth and follow her Franciscan way of life and charitable example today, demonstrating that she is still a woman for our time.

This film will be an inspiration to Secular Franciscans; Elizabeth’s life as a laywoman, wife and mother is one that we can readily identify with. It is also a wonderful means for leading people into the Order.  Young people will be especially inspired by this young woman’s social conscience, and the way she loved God in action. The general Catholic viewer will also find the film informative and inspiring.

The film is distributed on DVD by Tau Cross Books and Media. (taucrossbooks.com). On this site you will find information about the film and a study guide.