[Here we will eventually have a collection of study /formation material].

I would also like to post here any discussion questions or formation material that fraternities or formation directors use with the film and want to share. The film has also been successfully shared with young students and youth groups. All this material can be helpful to others.

I would also be happy to receive and post people’s personal stories about how they first made the acquaintance of St. Elizabeth and how she became important to them.

Please e-mail this material to as a Word file or PDF.


The Study Guide will eventually include

Centenary Celebrations

A full description of the events of St. Elizabeth’s centenary from November 2006-November 2008, including the ones seen in the film. Learn more about the relics, processions, Masses, concerts, art displays and other celebrations of her life.

Litany of St. Elizabeth from the procession in Paris.

Historical Background and Documents

Learn more about the historical events depicted in the film and read more about St. Elizabeth by those who knew her and wrote about her in the period just after her death.

Fr. Alfred Delp and St. Elizabeth

More about Fr. Delp and his sermon on St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth’s Gospel Spirituality

An extended series of meditations on Elizabeth and the Beatitudes – going beyond the extra on the DVD. on

Discussion Questions

Questions to discuss and projects to undertake after watching the film.